Ribadao Lumber & Flooring is a family-owned flooring manufacturer established in 1976.With a mill over 500,000 square feet large and an 800,000-acre forest, we have always felt that a commitment to honesty, quality and service is the most important thing for a successful flooring manufacturer and we let that commitment shape our business.  To maintain the honesty of our brand, Ribadao Lumber & Flooring is associated with top flooring retailers across the country that are trained in our products and provide professional installation services.


Protect your RIBADAO flooring warranty

You will find that Ribadao is sold on many Internet sites. In some cases you might find our products available for sale on the internet like it is a commodity. If you purchase our products via internet please be aware of the following, Ribadao will not warrant its products when purchased over the internet.

Authorized retailers represent some websites and “Internet Only” retailers that do not have a physical retail store represent others. Please be aware that Ribadao will only warranty products purchased through our authorized retailers. Products purchased through non-authorized retailers are not guaranteed to be first quality goods.

An unfortunate problem that has arisen from our industry is the introduction of counterfeit products, which are usually marketed online.


Product images

Internet graphics by their nature cannot fully reveal the beauty, color, finish and style of any Ribadao Floor product. While we strive to ensure that product images used in floor galleries and web pages closely represent the floor products advertised, the internet should never replace a visit to the showroom when making that final flooring choice and purchase.

Additionally, floor images presented on non-authorized flooring websites may be second generation images, copied without our permission, and not representative at all of the actual floor color, finish and/or detail.

Authorized Ribadao Dealers have our permission to link to and its floor collection and floor sample galleries. We recommend that internet users take advantage of our feature to ensure that they are buying from an Authorized Ribadao Floor Dealer before making their final flooring purchase.

Our floor images have a clearly displayed copyright mark. If this copyright mark has been removed from the floor image while advertised to be a Ribadao Floors product, the consumer should be alerted to the possibility that they are not dealing with an Authorized Ribadao Floor Dealer.

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