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Enviromental & Reforestation


In many forests around the world, the indiscriminate falling of trees contributes to the destruction of the natural habitat, river pollution and violence against people who live on forest resources. The general public and many forestry companies believe that the link between logging and these negative impacts can be broken, and that forests can be managed and protected at the same time according to general principles of social and political commitment.


We at Ribadao, believe that one of the ways is through the implementation of sustainable development. This means not only to focus on the environmental aspects. More specifically, we believe that sustainable development must be based on policies that cover all three main axes: economic, environmental and social.


Ribadao is firmly committed to preserving tropical forest and renewing its natural resources. Strictly monitored by the Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources (Africa and Brazil), Ribadao promotes sustainable forest practices, securing timber that is selectively harvested and inspected under government guidelines. Coupled with a stringent policy of reforestation, rational harvesting from sustainable forests assures the health and continuity of this most valuable resource.


Ribadao manufacturers hardwood flooring only from lumber that is selectively harvested under the principles of sustainable forest management. Each tree is assessed for age and condition. Older trees, often susceptible to disease, are removed first, assuring that valuable resources are not left to waste away on the forest floor. After timber is harvested, multiple trees are replanted fostering sustainable forest practices and completing the reforestation process.


In the final analysis, the process of selective timber harvesting produces the highest quality lumber, allowing immature trees in the upper-story to benefit from increased sunlight and water. And because of the tropical climate, reforestation in Africa and Brazil’s rain forest occurs substantially faster than in temperate climates of North America.


From 3rd March 2013 all companies that import wood products from outside of the EU have a responsibility for ensuring their legality under the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) No 995/2010.


Our due diligence system ensure we only source products that are at low risk of being from illegal sources. Through the process we are confident that all products are legal.


Our procedures rely on the information about the source of harvesting (country and region), scientific names for the species and on assessing the risk for a supplier. This is made through a carefully analysis of procedure and programs implemented by the supplier and also through a checking for legality compliance of the requirements of origin legislation.


Ribadao, while adhering to the principles of production that preserve and renew natural resources, contributes to sustainable forest management and is committed to socio-economic benefit of suppliers and partner’s origin

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