About Us

Ribadao is committed to producing wood products that meet the latest trends, demands and regulations of the International A&D community. This commitment to ecological and economic sustainability is carried through our entire brand of products which includes Rio Collection, Exotic Skins, Island Collection, and Tribe Collections of wood products.


Family owned and operated since 1976, Ribadao is dedicated to providing the most unique and elegant lines of flooring available in the market place.

Headquartered in the beautiful Viseu area of Portugal, the company has Global operations that include manufacturing, sales and distribution locations in the USA, Europe and Africa. Exclusively dedicated to the latest market trends and demands, the company works diligently to produce and sell ecologically minded and sustainable products.

With a focus on artistry and craftsmanship, Ribadao strives to produce high quality products at affordable prices with an on going commitment to service and professionalism.


Advantages over the company:

Quality in Ribadao has assumed an important role in maintaining a leading position in the market. Technologically, the different types of Ribadao wood flooring combine high standards of control with experience, bringing out the best of the wood. Regardless the type of wood, all floors need a final finish, this is the key element that allows additional protection against daily wear and moisture. In addition to this protective effect, the finish also allows the natural characteristics of wood, its colour and texture to be highlighted. Ribadao woodfloors combine all these features under controlled conditions into a superior quality floor.

Ribadao wooden floor is a concept that is distinguished by its inherent elegance, comfort and value, and also by the technology used to improve its characteristics. All products comply with the requirements of the European standard EN 14342-2005 for building materials.

Ribadao support all actions leading to the respect and conservation of biodiversity. Biodiversity and sustainability are recognised as being essential elements of responsible environmental management. The conservation of biodiversity is also fundamental to the quality of life and to economic, social and human well being, now and in the future.

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