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African Teak / Iroko



African Teak / Iroko

Iroko is also called African Teak although it has no relation to the Asian varieties of teak. It is a strong and durable floor that is very workable. The natural kaki and light brown colors darken with exposure to light creating rich and lustrous floor. It is a hard wood and is perfect for both residential and commercial installations.

NFWA Member
Ribadao 25 Year Guarantee
Houzz Recommended


Tough and Durable

Tough & Durable

Cigarette Resistant

Scratch Resistant


Radiant Heat


Great Stability

Allergy Friendly

Quality Guaranteed

Easy Stain Removal

Slip Resistant

Easy To Clean

3/4″ x 4 3/4″ – 19 mm x 120 mm

Random Lengths:
(3/4″) 35 1/4″ – 84 1/2″ / 900 mm to 2150 mm

Moisture Content:
KD 14% (+/- 2)

Customer Service:
Other dimensions available under request, contact us!

Proudly Chosen By

Chosen by 9/11 Memorial, Banana Republic, Chanel and many more

Ken Ryan, Floor Covering News

"Ribadao Poised To Impact U.S. Market"

DeckPro, Houzz

"It has been wonderful working with and installing Ribadao's floors.
Their products are of the highest quality and sustainably
developed, which is an important aspect for a lot of our clients when
considering what type of flooring to install."

Rogerio Tavares, CEO & Founder - Ribadao

" Our goal is to provide the most unique and elegant line of flooring to
America while promising affordability, service, and professionalism ”